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05/23/2018 by syrbal-labrys

...pray again?  Really, tho’ I in no way approve of the main gist of monotheism’s message, I have to semi-approve this message.  Not merely because these Christians oppose Trump’s hypocrisy and veniality, but because of my general cry for “Religions to police their own!” before bitching about everyone outside of their faiths.

sick and disgusted again?  But hey, Trump is clearly a “man’s man” isn’t he?  I mean, it takes a real man to shoot wolf pups and bear cubs in their dens, shoot caribou as they swim in deep water and all the sorts of extreme hunting he is in favor of, right?   (Those things are not in any definition of my book except the listing under “asshole” – but my milage obviously varies.)

decide NOT to ride a Harley?  Because when it comes to “dick moves” – HD did it up proper: taking tax break and offshoring jobs by closing US factory!  I say this as a former Harley owner: FUCK YOU, Harley Davidson!

...anti-Semitic again?  To say Trump has “enabled” racism, hatred, and anti-Semitism is too gentle a statement for what has been happening.  If this sort of bullshit stands on military bases, where else will it appear?  Go Mike Weinstein – kick some ass and take some names.

see a ray of light again?  Oh, the possibilities!  IF I was the praying sort, I’d definitely take a knee to say “Please, oh please, oh please!”

...un-fucking-entitled again?  Seriously, as a parent who has joyfully welcomed home my adult veteran sons?  THIS fucking guy is an entitled asshat who fully deserves being kicked to the curb.  What I bet was the last straw was his refusal to getting mental health aid while insisting he should be allowed to live at no cost in his parents house for as long as he pleased.  Hey, Shitbag?  Your parents were not “harassing” you – they were trying to get through the message that sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself is not moving your life forward!

Oh, and just a note: We have divorced AT&T at long last.



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