First World Problems – Or How “Modern” Life Is A Pain In The Ass

05/20/2018 by syrbal-labrys

First world problems – the general “You get no sympathy for THAT, dumb ass!” complexities of daily life. I will insist on my right to bitch about them all the same.

First one today?  Maybe it is not a “first world problem” so much as an American stupid problem?  A quote from a news story relating to the most recent school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas sent me up my personal wall.  It said, more or less, that the problem (again) was not guns, but “Hearts Without God” – seriously?  In the fucking twenty-first century we still have to see shit like this discussed as if it says something real?  If not having the monotheistic Abrahamic Iron Age monster firmly ensconced somewhere in the general vicinity of the mitral valve makes people homicidal, why, oh why have I not murdered any of the several people who have pissed ME off in my life?

So many deserving people still breathing…not because I fear an afterlife hell, but because I hate the color orange and bad library offerings, ok?

Second?  Smart appliances.  I have ranted on this too many times before.  But this week, my convection bit of my gas oven quit.  I should have known something was wrong with the electrical components — it kept burning out lightbulbs that cost $4.50 each.  And the little fan that makes it “convection” quit working.  Now, you would think it better to repair this than to be laying plans to set it by the side of the road with a “This Piece of Shit is FREE” sign attached.  But no, those iffy little computerized electrical panels – even on a gas/propane fueled stove cost about $500 around here.  I am not into fancy vanity kitchens.  I am into a stove and oven that work every damned time, period.  So. in addition to the ongoing search for a new propane fireplace to heat the house this winter, I now must replace my kitchen stove.  Trust me, “smart technology” will be a part of neither one!  The smart things cost twice as much and last half as long.  Fuck that.

Third?  Sometimes long dark nights of the soul are from undiagnosed storm clouds.  One of those was dispersed this weekend; there will be utter clarity on the horizon within one month.  Nothing like having a scheming, manipulative and malevolent person in the household to make it look grim all round.  This person will be gone and will not be missed.  My altruism bone is again busted badly; will have to splint it up and march on!



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