Inarticulate and Monday-Bound

04/15/2018 by syrbal-labrys

It’s been that kind of weekend, beginning with Friday night wondering how far hawkish tweeting could take us on the road to nuclear hell.  So a discombobulated incomplete post reigned here for a couple days while my life kept me busy. ::::sigh::::

We are on the mend from the upper respiratory crud that has dogged us.  My Apple Watch thinks I am a lazy dog — but even when I am dashing about like crazy, it misses it by turning itself off.  My wristband is again too loose on my watch.  Why I do not know, but these smallest bits of techno-fail irritate me out of all proportion.  How the hell can we avoid the freaking Forbin Project if we can’t even make a simple wristband do its bloody job?  We are told it is ok if the FBI and Homeland Security track our every move and act because of the security theater engendered by the apparently unending “war on terror” – but why, oh why, should Facebook get to track us everywhere?  Especially when one isn’t ON Facebook?!

Whenever tech is screwing up, we get told “We’ve got this, trust us; you don’t need to understand how.”  Hmmmm.  You know, we didn’t like used car salesmen who said that…



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