The Wednesday Get Reals

03/07/2018 by syrbal-labrys

America would never need electricity or coal or gasoline again, if we could only burn the stupid.

Huzzah!  Now if ONLY that could happen to every other kind of stupidity-in-hostile-take-over mode.

BTW, I am NOT giving a “Huzzah” to Oprah for saying she would need a sign from God to run for President.  That means I would look for almost anyone else to vote for IF she ran.  I’ve had it up to my eyebrows with Presidents who allegedly do things after talking to deities, ok?

Maybe if more folks showed that they gave a damn?

I am signed up to march on March 24th.  Are you?  My local Democratic Party wants me to attend a caucus meeting that same time and day; I told them if they couldn’t change their damned meeting in accord with a NATIONAL day of marches, they didn’t deserve to win elections.

I am marching because there is no fucking need for any civilian to own “sporting” rifles that are capable of military grade destruction, except that they hold in reserve the ability to murder and maim people.

You can find out more about stopping this kind of horror tomorrow morning!



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