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02/18/2018 by syrbal-labrys

No, not the book by John F. Kennedy. These are more everyday acts that I remind myself of so I do not feel disarticulated by my own PTSD triggering.  Because yes, if I am honest, that is how every mass shooting makes me feel — as if my body is being cut apart into pieces that have no will of their own.

She has been actually deprived of limbs and yet fights ON!

An AR-15 owner says “Enough.”

And about those AR-15 semi-automatic rifles?  Those oh-so-necessary-per-the-NRA rifles?  Do YOU know what they are and what they do?  They are the civilian equivalent of the military M-16.  Now, do you know how an M-16 works as the battlefield standard of the US military?  Because as a veteran who has used one, I certainly know.  The bullets used in both are especially designed for maximum havoc in the target body.  IF you are going to support continued legality for this weapon, for “sport” or “home defense”?  You OWE it to the rest of us and to yourself to go read what those bullets actually do.  Grow some balls and buy a shotgun instead, ok?

Standing up against white supremacy – who would argue with that.  Racists, that’s whom.

Every undocumented immigrant is being damaged.  If that sounds “about right and just ok” to you?  See the above link about racism.

Survivors are learning to fight back instead of accepting “thoughts and prayers.”



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