Wait Two And One Half Days…

02/14/2018 by syrbal-labrys

Have you heard? That is the average for 2018. The average for what, you ask? Every 60 hours this year there has been a school shooting.  Note, not every one of those firearm discharges resulted in death or injury — for which I am grateful.  But still, when is it enough to say it isn’t mental illness, it isn’t “lack of Jesus” that makes America lead in gunshot deaths — it’s too many guns too easily available to anyone looking to “sport shoot” their fellow humans.

We had one today, a terrible shooting event that resulting in both multiple deaths and injuries.   Will we hit the weekend without more gun violence and death?

GOP?  You know, you folks who keep telling us not to politicize tragedies like the latest shooting in Florida?  Read those numbers in that link up there.  How many kids in the schools are going to be voting age soon, remembering the shots, the screams, the fear, the blood, the loss?  Pssst!  They are also going to remember which party did NOTHING to stop the virtual epidemic of gun violence!

(Don’t you feel much better knowing the NRA pulled ads telling folks to buy guns for Valentine’s Day?)



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