Trying To Wrap My Mind…

01/22/2018 by syrbal-labrys

…around the idea that it is the Democrats fault that millions of children will be without health care.  Basically, the GOP with the rabid orange popsicle in the White House, want to deport hundreds of thousands of productive Americans for lack of legal entry OR they will see to it millions of kids don’t get health care?

A small review:

It was the GOP that cancelled the insurance program to begin with, the one they now offer as a carrot.  So wouldn’t it be THEIR fault for cancelling it originally?

And it was the GOP that decided Dreamers had to go, putting THAT issue on the Dem’s table for attempted salvage operations.

The White House and the GOP majority did these things, not the minority Democrats.  So if it is the fault of the Democrats because they refuse to bow to extortion now?

Is it also the fault of the GOP that thousands of Americans die annually by gunshot because the GOP refuses to make law reeling in the over-abundance of GUNS?



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