Better From a “Shithole” Than an Asshole!

01/11/2018 by syrbal-labrys

Wow. The man has NO mouth brakes does he?  He thinks the desperate folks in what he labels “shithole” countries should stay home so we can get more quality white people.  So he thinks Norwegians would WANT to live here where they don’t have what they have at home?  You know, things like free healthcare, good educational benefits, good pay even for fast-food jobs?

Shameless doesn’t even cover this kind of crap.  So this is his idea of “loving” commentary about immigrants – what he really thinks when the cameras are off?

Fuck you, Troll-in-Chief.  Why don’t you just TRY to go to Norway, yourself.  They will not take you, but you can try.  Psst…Donnie?  Most of the civilized third world countries are beginning to think your version of a “great again” America IS a shithole of YOUR making!



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