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12/23/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I feel a bit like an out-take of a Bruce Willis movie: I want to say “Head or gut?” before blogging these days. It is more and more rare to have the option of offering “good news” or “bad news” first.

There is a wee candle in the wind however!  It is one that raises some questions for me, I will warn you.  I am happy that the first six anti-Trump Inauguration Day protestors WON in court.  Apparently, the Donald hadn’t gotten his fix in yet on that particular judicial bench.  What frightens and fascinates me about the case was the basis of the prosecution – it completely overrode the idea of freedom of speech by claiming that freedom of speech to decry Trump’s election WAS a danger to America because it led others to violence.  This next wee bit?  I really wish I knew how to put it in red ink, ok?  Because if just being there protesting was a red flag to rabid bulls, so to speak?  Why don’t Right Wing radio hosts get hauled into court for advocating hateful actions?  Why don’t abusive husbands get arrested and locked up for saying they want wives or ex-wives dead?  I mean, if protesting something or being a fan of terrorists abroad (even if offering nothing but mental ‘thoughts and prayers’?) is a convictable punishable offense — the thought police are being recruited, don’t you think?

But aside from that?  Yes, change my name to Cassandra and let me ask Apollo what I EVER did to piss him off so badly.  Because things I’ve been complaining about, ranting about, predicting about since about 1998 are coming to pass and everyone goes on looking at pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass instead of paying attention to the fact that we are all a bunch of frogs in hot water.  Yes, it really is almost to the “Papers Please?” demand stage of “freedom” here in Trump’s Amerika; you may need a passport even to fly here in the good old USA! USA!  Unlike, me, of course — hopping on my broomstick!

I’ve been talking about the American labor force being effectively turned into serfs for a while now and have been told I am just a hysteric.   I’m not the only one anymore.  Amazon has something called “Camperforce” – did you know that?  Do you know what it is?  No, it is not an outreach to campers and hikers and other vacation-minded folks.  It is a hiring strategy – Amazon hires seasonal workers for its massive warehouses from the ranks of Americans who no longer have homes but live in cars and RVs.  It is like the non-agricultural migrant worker idea, elaborately used by the richest man in the world.  Personally, I wonder if he actually thinks this is some kind of kindness he does, or if he is just another selfishly malevolent rich asshole and knows it.

The wandering ranks of retired and “gypsified” Amazon workers are not the only Americans so reduced.  And before you jump my ass in political correctness over the use of the word “gypsy” — know that I know full well what I said.  These Americans ARE reduced to being thought of with exactly the amount of dismissive reflexive hatred that the Romany peoples have experienced around the world due to their nomadic existence at the margins of alleged civilization.

I know something about this marginal life personally.  As a child and teen, I endured leaving town at midnight with only what fit in the trunk of the car — fleeing debt in the wake of job losses by my father.   I went through my teens often subsisting on one meal a day so my younger siblings could eat three meals.  Much later, my own father lived in a tent, and then a small camper forty years ago, surviving on Social Security while trying to find work without a set address.  My youngest son, a runaway back in the year 2000, lived on West Coast streets for several years before joining the Army and going to war in Afghanistan.  I’m not a good person to say “volunteer Army” or ‘They knew what they signed up for,” to, ok?  Well, unless you REALLY want to hear me say “Head or gut?”  Americans have been progressively running out of choices for some time and it is happening faster and faster under Trump.

HE and his rich pals – whose asses HE kisses for the approval and liking he NEVER got from them – are looting America for their own profit.  They are the embodiment of “I’ve got mine, fuck you.”  It is no accident that so-called reality television revolves around the idea of few resources and “spots” to be shared by fewer and fewer people.  The so-called Christmas “gift” tax break is a government enacted Ponzi scheme that will rob the poor to give to the already rich.  And they will make sure they get more of “yours” to be “theirs” by ripping off Social Security and Medicare.  The writing IS on the wall — our medical providers notified us this year they will no longer ACCEPT Medicare as an insurance plan.  They are obviously sure it pays too little too slowly and soon will not be there at all.  They might have learnt from watching Medicaid applications?

We have a modest house, now re-mortgaged again to pay for a new well and to try eking out a tax deduction for costly car payments.  We hold onto it with an ever increasing sense of precariousness (not yet official members of the “precariot”) because it is home to veteran sons who likewise try to find a way to hang onto a way to eat, have a roof, and medical care.  My garage is home to the Marine and his wife, my cars sit in the weather at risk of vandalism or theft.  People first, we say, around here.  We live on Social Security(for now) and Boeing and Army retirement.  We splurge on holidays and eat healthily.  We don’t go to concerts, we don’t vacation. I could use a job to help grease financial wheels here; but I don’t even look.  I see young men and women hunting jobs to feed their children and don’t feel like extending my comfort zone merits robbing their kids’ mouths.

Consider a metal song, please, America.  Who are we?  Where are we going?  When is it enough?  Not a metal fan?  Lyrics below:

“I watched a man die in the cold.
He slept in the street.
We left him there with nothing to eat
I watched a man burn in the coals. Shoveling shit into a furnace, trading a check for his soul
The city is a fucking prison.
Force fed failure, eat what you’re given
The ivory tower, the higher power, I swear their laughing as we claw at the scraps
We were the lions now we bow to the hydra, cause when you cut off the head, fucking two grow back
See them at their worst.
Another day goes by, everything I love dies in the passenger side of the hearse
Lower the bar.
It’s pathetic to think.
I knew their souls would sink, but I never knew how far
Repetition is only failure.
Repetition is only failure.
Repetition is only failure.
Repetition is only failure.
The cycle repeats
A march towards defeat
The wretched accept it, a bleak tomorrow
The fathers of greed sow the seeds for sons of sorrow
I watched a man die in the cold
He slept in the street
We left him there with nothing to eat
I watched a man burn in the coals
Shoveling shit into a furnace, trading a check for his soul
The city is a fucking prison
Force fed failure, eat what you’re given
The ivory tower, the higher power, I swear they’re laughing as we claw at the scraps
We were lions now we bow to the hydra, cause when you cut off the head fucking two grow back
I watched a man die in the cold
I watch a man burn in the coals”



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