Wherein She “Takes the Tone of Judgement”

12/17/2017 by syrbal-labrys

A most depressing Christmas time in my memory was our last return from Germany – in 1986. We picked up our car at the port, after landing in New York City, and drove our three children to Washington D.C. to show them the U.S. Capitol in wintertime splendor. Or so we thought.

But in Lafayette Park, in the bitterly cold bright winter sunlight, my eight year old son asked me, “Mama?  Why are those people sleeping out in the cold on the park benches?”  An “invisible” world opened to me as I turned to where he pointed that day.  Until that moment, I had never in my life seen homeless people on the streets of an American city, let alone the capital of the nation.

It has only gotten worse since Ronald Reagan’s years in the White House.  How do I know?  Well, when the United Nations is examining the poverty and deprivation in the allegedly most powerful nation on earth, that can’t be a good sign can it?  Read it and weep, America.  And perhaps “give a little to the poor if the generosity should seize” you?

I give ALL year to Remote Area Medical Foundation, for instance.

But yes, take a chance America — please do ASK why the poor in America are SO poor and miserable.  If you are going to call yourselves members of a “Christian” nation — shouldn’t you side with the “Rebel Jesus”?



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