Happy Holidays – I’d Like To Tell You…

11/20/2017 by syrbal-labrys

…something comforting. I would. Really.

But as the winter-darkened days close in upon us?  I don’t have anything very warm and fuzzy to say about America in 2017.  Even the holiday season, for which I am decorated to a fare-thee-well, does not brighten more than small personal corners of life just now.

I find much more to despair over.  I remind myself that silence is consent and sign petitions almost daily.  I don’t have to call my two Democratic Senators, they already more than know how I feel.  My Congressman Dave Reichert (R) (does that stand for ‘racist’ or ‘rapist’?) is retiring next year and he frankly has never gave a hoot how I felt about anything.  He replied to my complaints with warm fuzzy (read ‘burning stupid’) patriarchal “Don’t worry m’ dear – we men know best” screeds.  Fuck him, ok?

I’d like to tell you life gets better with age.  At age forty, I believed that, in spite of just having screwed up my spine by herniating five disks in my neck.  At age sixty-four?  Not so much.  It gets more clear how easily things can go rapidly to hell in a hand basket, your best efforts notwithstanding.  When I was twenty, I thought racism was dying.  I thought fascism was a lesson humans had learned.  Now?  Nope.  Not learned.

I’d like to tell you my country knows that an educated electorate – educated meaning science and fact based not religiously tilted like a pinball machine in hell – was a desirable necessity for a representative democracy.  But no, the old “keep ’em barefoot and pregnant” bit has a tactical cousin for all: “Keep ’em stupid, angry, and hungry and they will believe and do ANYthing you want them to do.”  Oh, and lest I forget – “they” of the Right ARE back to the “barefoot and pregnant” management technique for women, too.

I’d like to tell you as a feminist, that nailing all the men doing stupid sexual harassment/abuse/assault is an equal opportunity good thing.  But I’m not so sure.  I mean, if every time a Democrat screws up, like Al Franken did, and we investigate him to bits and toss him out of the Senate for doing something that – well, let me diverge a bit here.

 Maybe it’s my age, but you know what I must tell you here?  In MY youth, what he did WAS referred to as “Acting like a dumbass man.”  NO woman I knew had missed out on THAT experience.  Was it right?  No.  Was it proper behavior? No.  Was it commonplace?  Hell, yes.  Now, I spent part of my younger life in the South, too.  Was the shit that Roy Moore pulled commonplace?  Not to the creepy-assed degree that he carried it, but yes, sort of was considered normal for men to “groom” young girls and women into what they wanted.  Absolutely NOT right, not fair, not just.  But hey, Christianity, ya’ll.

So to compare the stupid shit Franken did with the creepy-as-hell pedophilia flavored crap Moore pulled?  The definition of false equivalency, right there.  And if you toss every male Democrat who acted like an idiot led by his dumbstick, while every Republican male gets away with pointing fingers and claiming innocence (looking at you Trump) – ask yourself where that is going, ok?

Theirs is the party of Russian-assisted fake news and dirty tricks to beat the Democrats, right?  So trust me, they could and would find women to accuse just about anyone they wanted rid of; you know, like they are accusing the left of doing to poor Roy Moore.  So stick to the facts, ma’am, as if we are doing a Dragnet rerun.

Should Bill Clinton have gotten in trouble?  Hell, yes.  But not for the consensual diddling of an intern — he should have been run out of town on a rail for stuff he did forcibly years early.  My biggest bitch about Hillary?  She enabled him.  I don’t care if a woman stays with a philandering ass.  I care if she covers for one who does it by force.  I care if a woman stays with a child-abuser, a rapist, a thug.  Because that makes him look normal and gives him cover to continue.  I’d like to tell you there is an easy way to handle this shit, but that would be a lie.  I understand the choices she made, but I don’t like them.

I’d like to tell you the gun-crazed antics of my country are not so bad. But they ARE bad.  Too many of them begin with domestic abuse of women and children and everyone “minds their own business” because a “man’s house is his castle.”  Silence is consent.  But we have a nation that is still making nice with the Iron Age idea that men automatically know better because “God” said so.  Hey, I’m with Lillith here — fuck that noise!  Men get away with abuse – sexual and physical BECAUSE they are men.  So until we stop giving men a free pass to shout at, slap, hit, kick, starve, fondle, and rape – we can’t expect them to do anything except EXPECT the right to murder at will with 2nd Amendment guaranteed weapons.

I’d like to tell you that men kneeling on a football field because they want people of color to be treated the same as white people is unnecessary.  But that, too, would be a lie.  Silence IS consent, doing nothing is complicity.  People screaming and yelling about this as if it is end of all things apple pie?  Well, they’ve clearly never worked picking those fucking apples or baking those damned pies in a commercial kitchen.  If YOU want to sit on your entitled ass on your couch watching football instead of working in agriculture, or a professional kitchen or any food processing place — if you are white and never tremble with the cop car behind you switching on his lights? Just STFU.  What?  I can’t tell you that?  Well, then why do YOU get to tell the people quietly taking a knee that they have to stand UP because you said so?

I’d like to tell you that it doesn’t matter if Trump keeps wanting to play Commander in Chief with the lives of other people’s children.  But surely you know that isn’t true.  He wants to be a great leader, and he could blunder us into a nuclear war that we have avoided ever since we took a real good look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the aftermath.  Is that shit going to make America great again?  Think about it, I will wait….

I’d like to tell you this tax plan that simultaneously kills health care for a lot of people will “work out” in the end.  Well, I could say that — it certainly will “give” to a lot of folks in the end.  It will give it to the average earns-$75,000-and-less-American a screw job in the end.  It will give millionaires money stolen from the middle class AND health programs.  All you Trumpeteers?  Are you suddenly going to be a millionaire in the next ten to twenty years?  Not likely?  Well, then bend over and get a grip on your ankles — cause those bastards aren’t even taking off their boots and spurs.

Me?  I’m trying, I am.  I’m making modestly merry and trying to keep the wolf from our door.  I think we should all peel an Orange to make America great again.  Because the hidden patriarchy-endorsed dicks ARE ruining America, and the time to be silent and compliant is over.






The name of this blog, and my Dreamwidth blog, Herlander Refugee, is taken from a 1915 feminist novel "Herland". It makes my heart sing that modern women are experimenting with creation of a new "Herland"! Yes, comments are closed. Anyone who just MUST reach me can do so at syrbal6 at gmail dot com.

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