Tuesday Tirade Blogotopia Edition

11/14/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I’m falling behind again. Oh well, onward to the raging and ranting w/o further ado, some of which is people beating me better to the punch:

Digby finds Josh Martin calls it “deep distortion” as Trump again tries to make out that Hillary Clinton is killing us all, while he hides his shit under various White House carpets.  And yet, little Jeff Sessions wants a special prosecutor to go after this non-story so everyone can forget about Trump’s Russian issue?  Liars gotta lie…

Fucking Kansas.  I’ve been saying for a while that America needs to take a deep hard look at my birth state because it is where the GOP unpacked their trunk of bullshit in real time for over a decade now.  The result?  Children are dying because the alleged “protectors” are merely covering their own asses and keeping their jobs in the funds deprived reality of GOP tax cuts.

Fucking Alabama.  The Rude One says it all about Roy-fucking-Moore of the “why didn’t these grown women speak up sooner” bullshit.  I can tell you right now: because the asshole told them he was a big shot lawyer and they were “children” and wouldn’t be believed.  Asshole is such an inadequate title for this lying sack of pigshit.  Sexual abusers have a commonality that explains why other Alabama assholes went to jail for hitting on 14 year olds, while Moore is walking free.  But Moore is not the only one in the Pervy Old Boys Club.

I’m happier than usual to drive a Volvo because their ad people told Hannity to fuck off with his lies about Roy-fucking-Moore.  ‘Course, I’m a bit unhappy they ever advertised on his dumbass show…

Millionaires telling Congress to NOT cut their taxes?!  But Trump wants HIS cut, damn it…  And then Susan Collins puts “baby” in the BOX, oh HO HO HO!  Happy Holidays!




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