Tuesday Tirade, Anyone? Another Day in Paradise (Papers) Edition

11/07/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Snarky fun start – Dare I call this one the “lie down with dogs” result?

Remember Standing Rock?  I do, I’m still sending money to their legal fund.  Well, now there is another one brewing — big oil and the Trump Administration screwing MORE sovereign nations.

Some people are more coherent while angry than I am.  So here, very yes!   And if Big Tobacco was held responsible for cancer – why aren’t gun makers held responsible for mass shootings?

And those “thoughts and prayers”?  That is what I’m telling EVERY political campaign that calls me for cash from now on: here, have some “thoughts and prayers” and see it that does it for you!  Why does the military not give much of a damn about reporting their criminal discards?  And thank you GOP for voting that even those with mental illness have a right to guns, cause this latest murderous bastard qualified!  If you GOP Holy 2nd Amendment types are going to dismiss murder as a “mental illness issue” and not a “gun situation”?  You should NOT have legalized mentally ill folks having easy access to weaponry!

And while I am mad as hell?  Don’t be too distracted over the latest mass shooting to NOTICE VICE News Paradise Papers — if there was EVER going to be proof that the trickle down our backs is piss, it is that!

That GOP tax plan?  Call your Congress critters and just say NO to oligarchy, because the Paradise Papers make it even more insane.

Interestingly?  I called my Congress-ASS Dave Reichert’s office today. I called because I am an Indivisible member and they sent me a script. The staffer seemed a bit unnerved. I didn’t use the script; I told how a household of veterans, barely at ragged edge of middle class, ALL hate the tax bill AND Mr. Reichert. I told him Reichert votes party line until he knows it will pass without him and THEN votes the most phone calls. I told him I was sure I was wasting my time but would certainly be campaigning for ANYone but Reichert next election.

The staffer then said something very shocking: THAT DAVE REICHERT IS NOT RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION NEXT TERM! I guess he announced his retirement a few weeks ago, but I had missed this bit of delightful info!  Yay — Scotch and bubbly water for all!




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