Dear General Kelly:

10/19/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Sir?  You know your President’s call came through to a car?  Where the recipient put it on speaker so her mother-in-law could hear it?  What was her Congresswoman supposed to do, put her fingers in her ears?

Your defense of Trump is pathetic, Sir.  A military man can say to another military man, “He died doing what he wanted/expected to do.”  That should NEVER be said in ANY form to a widow or mother!  Let alone in the heavy handed bumblefuck way Trump said it!

And furthermore?  I promise you if I ever had the misfortune to be called by President Trump, I would want to put it on speakerphone so I would have witnesses to what he said. Because face it, Trump often turns around and denies what he said and accuses the listeners of being the liars. 

Shame on you for defending this draft dodging liar who should be impeached when HE, not NFL players, disrespects our troops and their families.

Signed by a veteran, daughter, wife, and mother of veterans…



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