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10/15/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Ok, the Big Mac is home so I can link-slam you all with the crap that has pissed me off all week!

America has a completely chaotic and utterly insensible immigration policy, even for people seeking asylum.  So, a young woman has to be sent back to the place she feared and be raped and tormented before the USA takes her asylum request seriously?

But then, in Racist America people from other shores are clearly some kind of criminals deserving nothing at all in terms of humane treatment.  Why else would the government statements not be more accurate in reporting about the deaths in Puerto Rico?  Why is President Angry Orange allowed to get away with saying that Puerto Rico’s disaster pre-dated the hurricane?  He dares to say FEMA can’t “stay forever” even though twelve years after Hurricane Katrina, FEMA still has agents in Louisiana dealing with issues created by that historic storm.  Maria and Irma were similarly historic storms.  But oddly, Trump doesn’t want to acknowledge that over three million American CITIZENS are being ignored and neglected.  But then, he is a venal mean-minded man who operates by the rule of revenge, not the rule of law.  

He should be impeached.

I got told this week that the government was wasting ‘my’ tax dollars on programs to “prevent suicide.”  (Yeah, that was a torch song of that relationship — with 20 veterans a day suiciding, in a family of veterans and with a suicide IN the family.). You know what I think is a waste of government money?  The payments to the NFL to trot the teams out onto the field to stand “patriotically” for the national anthem.  So that everyone can get outraged when any player(s) want to freely communicate that they are NOT feeling the love due to racism in America.

REAL patriotism is honestly addressing real issues in our democracy.  Not whitewashing things with soaring song notes and bullshit.  Like all the reasons our democracy is at risk to a degree that scares professionals whose line of study IS our democracy.  I am a patriot.  I am a veteran.  I am a liberal, more socialist than not.  I am a humanist.  I am a feminist. I’m sick of taking shit in the name of being polite.





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