He’s a Doll – The Trolling of America

09/27/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Yes, Donald is a doll.  His cellphone?  In Runic script, it says – in triplicate – “I will never release my taxes.”  OH, if only his dishonesty, veniality, culpability was limited to that alone.

He trolls America about the football players* daring to ask why so many unarmed black men die at the hands of cops, while Puerto Rico slides into a humanitarian disaster.  I’m going to shout here, and hope you pass the word to every dumbshit Trump supporter:  PUERTO RICO IS AN AMERICAN TERRITORY AND THE PEOPLE THERE ARE U.S. CITIZENS!  So why are they getting less care from Trump-Troll’s Administration than Florida and Texas?  Because of the Atlantic Ocean?  We can get aid across the Pacific, or bombs for that matter — just saying.  But we can’t get aid to an AMERICAN ISLAND less than a day’s sail from Florida?

Let’s imagine, briefly, what it would be like here in mainland America if EMTs acted like Trump-Troll when responding to a call:

EMT: “So, you are having chest pains and that storm blew a tree through your roof and falling wooden beams have trapped your legs?”

Victim: “Yes, OMG, and I haven’t even had water in reach for days – I’m so grateful you are here to help me at last!”

EMT: “Well, yeah, about that: just a couple things to clear up first, ok?  Are your credit card payments up to date?  Could we talk about your arrears on those first?”


*And let’s just talk about kneeling football players, ok?  I AM a veteran.  So are my husband and my sons.  Just as a point of contrast, NONE of us are insulted by football players of ANY color taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, but ALL of us are appalled that the US military is used like the strong arm of American corporate and even foreign interests more and more often.  It is not a joke to say the over 8000 deaths of US and Coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan died for OIL rather than saving American lives and alleged freedoms.  So watching a bunch of people wrap the oh-so-respected flag around the idea that there is something freaking holy about a cop shooting someone because he is too scared to recognize a US citizen and fellow human being?  THAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

It reminds me of Nat’l Guardsmen shooting students protesting the Vietnam War. And before you think that link is about Kent State and you “know all that”?  No, you do NOT.  That second link will tell you about the time in 1970 when Nat’l Guardsmen without bullets in their weapons used bayonets on students and journalists!   Yeah, that sounds like freedom, alright.

I see a lot of flag waving and hear a lot of talk about freedom.  But you know what I’ve SEEN in my life?  I’ve seen America act a LOT like the Soviet powers did in 1968 all across the rebellious Balkan countries.  I’ve seen America talk about freedom of speech but stomp on anyone who dared to say something contrary to whatever the Administration was pumping at the moment.

Apparently, we are all perfectly free to agree with whatever the dominant power in the White House says.  How is it different when a government does it than when an abusive parent did it –  backhanding me, snapping “Don’t you back-talk me, young lady!”  So how is it right for a President to say ANYone, much less football players – NOT btw, under his command like the unfortunate military – should be fired for making a personal statement?

Trump has been ok with church leaders violating rules about not doing politics from untaxed pulpits, as long as they agree with him and whip up his base.  He seems to only be NOT ok with people of color demanding equal rights, with any press corps that might report actual events instead of right-wing fantasies, with women who act like free-willed individuals instead of as compliant Barbie-dolls, and other heads of state who are as crazy as he is: he loves only things that get him positive attention and puts money in his pockets.  He is a troll.  America is at the mercy of a troll – a venal stupid one at that.

It’s up to us, America.  HELP Puerto Rico, please.  Take a knee, wherever you are, in defense of Americans of color being harassed and battered and murdered by ICE, police, and Homeland Security personnel.  Speak truth to the trolls in power.  If you don’t?

Well, there is plenty of dystopian fiction out there waiting to become fact.





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