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09/16/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I sometimes think the current administration makes choices in governance by asking, “What is the worst, most contrary, most damaging thing we can do?”

Perhaps it is only because I am a grouchy old woman who might spend her final years with a rocking chair, a basket of rocks, and a wrist-rocket; but there are more than a few things that flatly piss me off:

For instance?  The non-questioning nature of my fellow Americans – specially the non-veterans who have NO freaking idea how American lives are spent abroad.  This is simply the best read of the day, in relation to the hyperbole and patriotic froth in most of the media.

If you really “support the troops”, how come you don’t fight the racist agenda that is breaking promises to some of those troops? I was a military linguist – and let me tell you, native speakers on our side ARE the best!

Trump’s plans to derail the Affordable Care Act also hurts veterans, whom he claims to deeply care about; I guess “deeply care” translates differently in his world?

Further?  IF the “troops” felt some actual support, maybe so many of them wouldn’t still be dying by suicide!

Finally?  And petty in comparison?  THIS is why television pisses me off these days.  Yes, I’d actually prefer the aerial back on the roof, the big three stations and a lot less “billing” for shit that may or may not be worth it.  However, one quibble with that article?  CBS is not “free”.  I can only get it with cable in my area AND new shows are coming out ONLY on their PAID subscription plan.  Fuck you CBS, I’ve been mad at you since you fired Dan Rather!





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