Quacking Racist Ducks

09/15/2017 by syrbal-labrys

America has been built by and of immigrants.  And to be honest?  Almost every batch had a very hard go of it right off the bat.  The Irish were hated and called names.  So were the Italians, the Germans, and the Scandinavians.  People who had barely acclimated a mere generation before made themselves feel superior by treating newcomers like crap.  The Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and others from Asia were treated even worse.

Surely I don’t even need to talk about how people from Africa and the Middle East have been met – you can’t call it open arms.  Under the influence of the Trump Administration, where whipping up a white supremacist froth is the main event?  Anyone with skin darker than his is likely in for a rough ride.  It makes me more than ordinarily ashamed of my own white privilege.

I would like to talk to a few of the people institutionalizing new shameful habits of American privilege.  Like the border “officers” (certainly not fucking gentlemen, by any definition) who think pouncing on teenaged people with brown skin and threatening to rape the females unless they sign voluntary deportation orders is the New American Way.  And by “talk”?  I mean I’d like to give them a dose of their own behavioral medicine because frankly, people who act this way are so empathy-impaired that nothing except personal suffering makes them stop to think for even a New York minute.

And when the immigration creeps of ICE ask permission to destroy records of death, sexual abuse, and other very not law-enforcement acts in their custody on the claim that they don’t have space to keep it?  To me that just means they recognized that the NAZIs kept good paper records and were hoisted by their own petards thereby.  So NO, they don’t get to erase their own twisted history of hatred, mismanagement and abuse!

Silence is consent, people.  Not looking is the same as aiding and abetting.  This is NOT supposed to be the American way — do something about it!



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