Tuesday Tirade – Jesus FUCK! (the “you” is silent)

09/12/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Fucking Kansas, that’s what’s on my fucking mind, WordPress – thanks for asking!

Seriously, the reasons I left Kansas waaaay back in 1974 with the intention of never returning for more than a brief visit (kept that self-promise, btw) are numerous and sufficient.

Watching the Kansas GOP from afar do a re-write of a once more or less profitable-for-many state as they’ve held all the reins of power for over a decade has been a study in stupidity.  It scares me that they KEEP finding scapegoats to blame for their own financial quackery totally fucking the state’s infrastructure and citizens.  I’m afraid it is a preview of what could happen nationally IF America keeps worshiping utter ignorance as if it is some sort of primeval innocence.  It is not.

Because seriously, Kansas?  THIS kind of racist religious racial profiling shit is not innocence.  It is racism pure and simple — the only gods-damned thing “pure” about racism in fact IS the total lack of fact-finding rationality.  Arresting an entire family of American citizens for daring to have money while being brown and Muslim?  Wow, well, we know who the pigs are in our 21st century Kansas edition of 1984 really are now, don’t we?  And it is NOT the people who decline to eat pork.



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