Friday Fascist Five

09/01/2017 by syrbal-labrys

The news you can use to assure yourselves that things are sliding far, far too wrongly right.  It doesn’t help when the Conman in Chief encourages all these things.

Police brutality is a sign of a slide to fascism; specially brutality to people who didn’t do anything wrong: like a nurse asserting the law.  Trump encouraged police brutality by telling police to “not be so nice” to suspects.

Racism is often a useful tool to fascists; like threatening a lawmaker for being black. Trump has encouraged racists by doing things like pardoning murdering racist Arpaio.

Nativism asserted, even discarding those who are veterans, is a feature of fascism.  Trump has constantly attacked veterans and their families whenever they assert REAL American values contrary to his venal interests.

War profiteering and militarism are common in photo-fascist states.  So when Eric Prince wants to do a Neo-East India company in Afghanistan?  On our way, to hell in a hand basket. (Oh, and stop telling me to not read Kipling if THIS shit flies in America!). Trump has long argued that America just “take” the profitable bits in countries where we make war: Iraq’s oil, and Afghanistan’s mineral wealth.

Stupid religiosity is a handy tool to fascists; so a governmental official who prefers “prayers” to blankets and other aid is serving the worst impulses and NOT helping his citizens.  Trump kisses up to the religious right and their drivel ALL the time.



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