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08/29/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I had to attend eight grade in the Ohio. I had to take Ohio History. I was told Ohio had no equal in the nation for fame for abolitionists (Harriet Beecher Stow, by gawd!) and being birthplace of no less than six Presidents.

So why, oh why, is the town of Franklin being such a ball of bastards over a Confederate Plaque to seditionists, traitors, and slave owning?

In Ohio, Movement for the 99%, Socialist Alternative, and other community members are in a struggle against the Right and the local ruling elite over removing a plaque commemorating Robert E. Lee.

In this struggle, one of our community organizers has been targeted by the Right with death threats – the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, potentially members of a local militia, and the Three Percenters. We have Facebook video footage of them reading our organizer’s home address out loud, making threats of having his grandparents’ address, and bragging about attending KKK rallies and meetings.

We are launching a National Solidarity Call-In Campaign, starting on Monday, August 28 and ending on Friday, September 1 during business hours (9am – 5pm, Eastern Standard Time), that primarily targets the Mayor of the City of Franklin. (See script and contact information below).To track our progress, we are asking that everyone indicate on the Facebook Event Page that they called into or emailed the Mayor.

Primary Focus of Call-In Campaign:
Denny Centers – Mayor
937-746-9921 (office)
513-460-4100 (cell)

If you have time we strongly encourage you to call or text the other members of the City Council:

Carl Bray – Vice Mayor
513-465-7772 (cell)

TEXT: NO Confederate Plaque! NO Death Threats & Intimidation! Posting organizer name & phone is unacceptable!  Bray Resign as Vice Mayor! & say NO threats & Plaque!

Brent Centers – City Council
937-620-1872 (cell)

Michael Aldridge
937-704-0452 (home)

Deborah Flouts
937-241-6562 (cell)

Paul Ruppert
937-746-2237 (home)

Todd Hall
937-746-7949 (home)

I had no luck with phone numbers.  (No answer or full mailboxes) So I sent the following email:

Un-dear Gentlemen and Lady:

I attended the eighth grade in your state.  I took Ohio History class.  I had it forcibly hammered into my head how proud the state of Ohio was of its abolitionist history, of being home to Harriet Beecher Stow, birthplace of six Presidents, and the fight against slavery.
My goodness, Franklin, Ohio!  Aren’t you ashamed of the insistence on a plaque to the Confederacy?  A memorial to seditionists, treacherous bastards and losers of a war that cost so much blood?  Seriously?  And then threatening and intimidating those REAL American patriots who dare to oppose you?
Your historical heroes are doubtless spinning in their graves, you hypocrites!
I urge you all to call, text, email or otherwise show a united voice against white supremacy in the allegedly great state of Ohio!
P.S. Bray has closed/cancelled his government mail boxes.  Gee, I guess he can’t take the “heat” – maybe he should get the fuck out of the kitchen?


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