Carpetbagging Beat By Douche-baggery

08/21/2017 by syrbal-labrys

The man who won’t let America see tax returns wanted to be President to get onto the government spending gravy train.  Why, oh why, would I think, much less SAY such a thing?  Well, because the fraud spends weekends at his own resorts and bills his room to the US government.  And he bills the required Secret Service personnel as if they were guests — so that goes on the government bill, too.  That is why the 1000 or so agents covering this massive Orange Ass and his family have maxed out their pay for the year already.  Because his resorts do shit like bill the Secret Service $60,000 to rent carts to follow the Orange Lard-Ass around the course.

No wonder he plays golf damned near every weekend, it is filling his fucking wallet!  Pssst?  You alt-right fuckers (an especially “fine” one at that link) kissing his ass?  If HE had been President after the Civil War, carpetbaggers would have looked like the good guys; because he would have had you all in private debtors’ prisons working for HIS company at six cents a day or some shit.  We wouldn’t be DEALING with your “South will rise again” bullshit now, because you’d have all starved to death.

Just saying, better if you KNOW the devil you are signing up with — soon as he can turn a private profit on YOUR misery, he will.  Hey, what can we expect of a guy staring at the sun. (And no, not like the U2 song, either.)



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