Mealy Mouthed Moron

08/12/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Yes, thank you, I AM talking about our Hate-Enabler-in Chief, Donald Trump.  So racist asshats attacked counter-protesters?  And yet the President declared the blame fell upon ALL?  An alt-right shitheel hit twenty some folks with a CAR, killing one woman and yet the violence was on “many sides”?

Trump can’t denounce his true base, can he?  He can’t come out and say these racists are wrong; because they loooove him.  So if he was all “many sides” about the violence engendered by his completely hate enabling behavior; can you just imagine how he would accuse a rape victim of being responsible for her own abuse?

If the attacked are guilty, too; who IS innocent?  Chris Evans couldn’t find the words to properly denounce Trump.  Well, I’m no Captain America, but I CAN find the words.

He is a grandiose self-promoter who plays with millions of lives mouthing grand pronouncements that could start a war with another grandiose egomaniac with nukes burning a hole in his pocket.  And deplorable sorts who love seeing him in office, feeling his approval as warmly on their shoulders as the rest of America feels him pissing down their backs, will go on being enabled to hate and hurt and kill.

Well, fuck him.  Fuck his family of money-grubbing grifters.  Fuck him and his cabinet of incompetent venal bastards.  Fuck the GOP party that supports him no matter what egregious thing he says or does.  Fuck the alt-right, the Klan, and David fucking Duke.  They are loosing a whirlwind and sooner or later, that twisting, twirling mess will come back around to bite them in the ass!

So be it!  I will be being Indivisible here at a vigil with others who want NO part of the violent asshattery Trump enables with his mealy mouthed moronic attempts to sound Presidential.



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