Wednesday WTFs…and Cool Me, Please

08/02/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I generally consider the Pacific Nor’west blessed in terms of weather and overall climate change, even though changes ARE happening and greatly affecting the area I love. So I simply cannot bitch too much because we have weather in the high nineties presently. The air quality is what suspends outdoor action like walking, hiking, gardening: smoke from fires in Canada makes my asthma goes bonkers.  More time indoors means more time consuming “news.”  Oh, joy.

Who knew there was a cottage industry of some kind to produce “ancient aliens” for the likes of the (Not-even)History Channel, for instance?  And I must say “zombified racial science” is a phrase I never expected to see!

“Ordinary” PTSD is superseded by what the women abused by ISIL.  And then, on the topic of rape?  There is THIS entitled little fucker.

Jeff Sessions just put an Army General in charge of America’s Federal prisons; what could possibly go wrong with that?  I’d start counting, but I don’t want to take Buzz Lightyear’s signature phrase “From here to infinity…” away from him.

And please, yes, ignore that mad cow behind the curtain, all you Dorothy-types.  We don’t want to lose money, after all.

Lie to your mother, and then go die a suicide rather than be captured by ISIL?  Not saying he didn’t have courage; but is this what war is coming down to now?

Forty nine Senators voted to make health care non-existent for a lot of Americans.  How’s about YOU do something about it, along with me and a bunch of other Indivisibles?

And last?  Look to the night sky for a some relief and entertainment?  I’ll just be over here in the pantry cupboard, putting away marmalade.

At least, until I get the names to walk into the Labyrinth this week.



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