Tetchy Tuesday

07/25/2017 by syrbal-labrys

We have an American flag; it has been down for a while because it is a bit of a tattered mess.  I know what one is supposed to do with a flag unfit to fly: burn it or bury it.

Yeah.  About that…I won’t burn this flag.  It is what I thought was “coated” with plastic.  Simply cannot burn plastic.  Thought about burying it, but it will not rot of course.  Looked up the Army Heraldry “etiquette” site — says to “shred” it by cutting stripes apart and leaving starry bit whole.

So there it is.  NOW I am supposed to bury it inside a container.  Note to self — find a cloth flag next time.  It was hard to find a flag at ALL when I bought this, back in 2001.  It was NOT American made.  I don’t want it made of nylon or “poly” (plastic?) thank you very much.  Thus far, most cotton ones I find are made in fucking China.  Fuck that.  Except these, perhaps?

I think it should be illegal to have the nation’s flag made outside your own country.  And nope, not stepping away from that bit of tetchiness at all.



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