A Bit of Specificity in Your Hatred, Please

07/23/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I just deleted a blog from my blogroll, insignificant small blogger that I am. And I took it off my favorites on the reading list that comes up as well. It is a good blog, generally.  I enjoy the writers and most topics.

All bloggers rant and vent from time to time; it is one of the reasons TO blog, I suppose.  But now and again, a blogger just comes unhinged and attacks a broad range of people.

In this case it was “suburban bastards” being derided for “electing Trump.”  Yes, I know, white suburbs were amongst Trump voters.  But here is the thing, not every suburb.  Not THIS suburb, for instance — the once-upon-a-time rural zone which has grown, in 35 years, to now be a suburb.  This red county in a blue state, oddly, where I expected to see a ton of Trump signs?  I saw almost none on houses.  And this district, to my enormous shock carried for Hillary Clinton.  In spite of being a red district.

But for the third or fourth time in recent history, this blogger went OFF on suburbanites with a form of invective I’ve only seen used only by a bunch of racists deriding people of color.  The first time or two, I ignored it.  Then I commented that this was rather unfair to paint an entire class as responsible when in fact it was NOT universal.  I got no reply.  Today, another invective filled rant about suburban bastards.  I’m done.  I commented and deleted.

If a man wrote a post about all those “feminist bitches” he would get told off.  If a woman wrote a post about all those male bastards, she would get told off.  If anyone so publicly derided Mexicans, or Black voters, or Asian voters; someone would say – “Hey, calm down, that isn’t really true across the class of folks you are insulting.”

I had thought the last people it was safe to harass and scream at publicly in America were overweight people.  Friends of mine suffer this kind of crap all the time, we often discuss it.  Apparently, suburbanites are another class it is in perfectly good taste to castigate with rage as if we all bear the mark of Cain on our foreheads.

I don’t see how this sort of thing is helpful to resisting Trump.  But hey, fuck it — keep pissing off people who intend well, vote conscientiously and thoughtfully; keep lumping it all in the same basket.  Some of them, doubtless won’t say a word in comments.  They will just think to themselves, “Holy shit, this is how liberals treat each other or independents, or conservatives EVEN when we try to do the right thing?”  And then next time, they won’t vote with ANY liberal block again.

Me?  I just become more of a hermit.  I vote socialist or democrat.  I resist Trump like I resist ALL hate.  But also, because I resist hate — I stop reading it when it is poured upon my head simply because of where I live.




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