Thorazine-Me Thursday

07/20/2017 by syrbal-labrys

So many reasons to wish someone would put me in a padded room and drug me insensible. Alas….not likely.  Meanwhile, the “toffs” (America’s richer-than-presumed-gawd) bastards are all a-sulk with Mitch McConnell over not being able to convince un-blood-clotted Senators to vote yes for Trump-care.  I hope they all choke on a caramel, ok?

In Australia, the question is, what child would Jesus freak/gross out?

In the “Holy Land” at least one Christian is behaving badly, as in “stab the other side” of your own daughter?

Meanwhile, here in the U.S.A. it is apparently the case that “free speech” means only SOME speech is free.  Not that other kind of left hand path speech, especially.  They would rather EVERYONE shut up than say/display something they don’t like?  Psst, Christians?  That ain’t exactly turning the other cheek.  Just saying.

And while I am not an OJ Simpson fan?  The idea that ANYone can be denied parole for the simple act of masturbating?  Jesus fuck… (the ‘you’ is silent).

But at least one victory on the other side of the scales! Yay!  Here in Washington State a new law has been signed: if an abuser, a convict, someone already NOT allowed to own a gun tries to get one?  Law enforcement AND their victim will be informed of the effort.  Forewarned is better, no?  Mind you, this will not effect illegal gun sales or a lot of gun shows — but IF they try at a regular gun shop, it will at least warn vulnerable people.  For abused women?  This means DEFINITELY get a restraining order, because that means you WILL get the warning.



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