Tuesday Tirade-ish

07/18/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I often feel the era I live within is the one where all days are actually Mondays. Except I reclaimed Monday as my day officially “off” the routine, so I don’t want to mis-label unpleasantness in the remaining days of the week.  So what is pissing me off today?

Oh, SO many things – but I will limit myself to six “pissativities” and give you one positive to cling unto, alright?  Oh, and one “worrying scary thing.”

First, the scary thing?  Another way to get/stay high?  Holy cats, what a conundrum.  I worry about this, wondering how often gabapentin is abused — I was once prescribed this drug for fibromyalgia and had to quit taking it because it made me suicidal.  So, suicidal drug addicts is not what we need.

  • The five bits of bullshit that are “guiding lights” to GOP healthcare deform, as in NOT “reform”.
  • Indentured slavery in America?  Tell Target and Costco to fucking knock it OFF!
  • Jeff Sessions apparently wants to fund cop shops by looting?  Presumed guilt and they can take YOUR shit and KEEP it!  How fucking pre-Revolution is THAT?
  • First they shot black people walking/sitting/etc while black, now they shoot blonde white women in pajamas?  Cops can’t tell hostiles from hostages, eh? Since they are militarizing the cops, should they have more classes in how to tell baddies from victims?
  • Fucking Wells Fargo, AGAIN.  Once upon a time, they were stagecoaches worried about being robbed; now they ARE the robbers.
  • No, you won’t see “nothing” in the upcoming eclipse, you complete twit!

The good thing?  Finally some freaking SENSE to the increasing volume of argument over making college campus space into “safe space” and calling any speech you disagree with “violence”.  Because good grief, rain is GOING to fall on the little flowers…get an umbrella and DEAL with it.



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