Sunday – Good News

07/16/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Better than Sunday servitude, right?  Sit down on that nice big tree there and enhance your calm.  Small doses of sanity to fight the big bites of shit-sandwich; I know, insufficient, but better than nothing!

I’m glad some judicial skirts are a-moving on the ludicrous limits of the Trump travel ban. But really, much more needs to happen in response to the melting orange popsicle.

Dear North Carolina: It’s a council meeting, not a freaking revival tent. Seriously, I’d like to have been there to participate.  Calling loudly, “Come Queen of Witches, Hail Hekate Enodia!” would have frosted their little southern cakes, don’t you think?  Course, people edge away from me during the Pledge to the flag, too — since I say “Under Godsssss” rather obviously.  Confusion then reigns.

Is it too snarky of me to say that this means we now may know precisely which star 45 “wishes” upon?  I mean, he just loves him some Russian stuff, right?

But then, you know it has gotten past normal snarkitude when someone on Fox News proclaims about the “lie after lie after lie“!

Oh, and your pink pussycat hat is still current – there is always another march for women’s issues – like the NRA or police brutality!  And don’t forget to just say “Fuck, NO!” to national concealed carry reciprocity agreements!

Also, again?  Is it too snarky to say “The(se) meek may inherit the earth”?   A teddy (water)bear picnic for the win!




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