Snipe, Snap, Snarl Saturday

07/15/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Newspapers are struggling, I’m told. Gods know, I cannot get one delivered to my house at a price I can afford. The local paper is such a bit of right wing snot-rag that I refuse to have anything to do with it; getting “big” papers like the Seattle Times is impossible. And media on television and online? Well, I have to say, between me and the Jester-T-Rex Manchild? We could do a weekly column just on what headlines should have said instead of what they did say.

For instance, when a man on an airplane is trying to open the freaking door while in flight at around 30,000 feet?  The headline should NOT read anything remotely like this: “Flight attendant hits disruptive passenger with wine bottle.”  Wow, that will teach you passengers not to talk back to that uniformed wait-staff, by gawd!  Hey, I’d have happily lent the flight attendant one of my appropriately titled bottles of personal stock…

But it is more than that; as I’ve noted elsewhere, I feel chronically gaslighted just by the way things are said and what is strenuously discussed sometimes.  My mind boggles and does replays of the super-mental-airbrushing of the fictional society in “Demolition Man” when I read the news.

Like this story, where the cop who panicked and shot a black guy quit her cop job after being “cleared” of killing the man, says  “I am sorry he lost his life.”  She makes it sound like his life was a misplaced cellphone or a set of keys stolen by the family pet ferret, doesn’t she?  She SHOULD have said “I am sorry I killed him.”  Come on, Shelby, admit it – you were scared shitless and abused your training to make him a “legitimate” target! You said, “And then right there he’s looking back at me. That’s what we call ‘targeting.’ So he’s getting my position, my last-known location to retrieve and then shoot.”  Right, he couldn’t possibly be looking back at you because he is AFRAID of a white cop holding a gun on him, he couldn’t possibly have been thinking “Please, please don’t fucking shoot me!”  No, of course, the man couldn’t possibly have had any reason to look at you except to “get your position.”  Jesus Fuck!

Did Ancient Rome euphemize itself to death and decline?  Did the Incans semanticize their civilization into ruin?  Honestly, we may not have time to die of climate change or North Korean nukes — cognitive dissonance might achieve fatal disease mode!  I know after a turn ’round the web, my brain certainly spins and not in any fun way.

After all, our stop-gap measure to stop our water from flat-out quitting while we begin the permit process to get a new well before our old one dries completely up, DID lead that one oh-so-special neighbor to announce, “The well is working fine now, we do not need a new well.” Say what?  He SAID, in front of the well pump specialists, “Well, yeah, that’s it – we need a new well,” when they told him the well had been compromised by the 2001 quake and was dying.  Then, when asked for his share of money to pay for the permit, he turned on a dime back to denial and ordering me off his property for “threatening” him by asking whether I needed to get a lawyer to gain his compliance in keeping the water for four houses. (Luckily, his wife still deals with reality and made him come cough up a check!)

Apparently, reality is mutable, just as facts are alternative?  Who knew?  Oh, right — our President who deems his venal, greedy, idiot son a “quality” individual in spite of the fact that this is the first “First Family” found to have consorted with our literal enemies for alleged “research” into their political competition.  And I just wonder, since the media and the GOP accused Hillary Clinton of murder when Vince Foster killed himself, why isn’t anyone asking if the GOP killed this guy for talking?  I mean, fair is fair.  Except we know it isn’t, don’t we?  After all, if Clinton had won and anyone had said the Russians meddled to “make it so” — holy cats, the impeachment proceedings would have been at mach speed and the stake in Lafayette Park would have been an internet meme by now.

I think it is all having a bad effect: when lying becomes free speech and money is “talk”  (while conspicuously not free) and corporations are “people” while people clearly are not treated like people.  “Surreal” was a far nicer word when it was confined to being a description of art or literature!  Now, I have to go find a way to “Enhance my (fucking) calm.”  Wish me luck!




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