Well, Scratch That: The Well is FUCKED

07/10/2017 by syrbal-labrys

New pump down, water running to test well capacity. The new well guys said exactly what I feared: the 2001 earthquake compromised the well, it is FUCKED. It runs out of water and takes hours to recover, new pump notwithstanding.

So we do need a new well.  Had the neighbors listened to me as I raised all my “bitches” in 2001, we could have possibly got FEMA aid because the quake fucked the well.  But no, Mr. “You-use-too-much-water-and-are-hysterical” took that battle.

I am SO pissed.  The well has not quit totally, but will never supply the needs of four houses and will only get worse.

But we may not be able to claim the old well as the “supplementary” and the new well as “primary” as the well guys suggest.  The county seems to be saying the old well must be completely decommissioned.

Confusion and dismay abounds.

My husband, in front of the arrogant asshole neighbor whose lies and misinformation have put us in this situation, said something about working the permitting situation.  I said, “No, we are not.  I was ready to do that two years ago and got told to put it up my ass.  So THIS time, no, I’m NOT doing the work.  I’m too pissed off and betrayed.”

I’m staying there.  They other three can jump through THEIR asses for a fucking change and I will get loans to cover my share of the financial debacle.  And that is it.

If I get any closer to that jerk of a neighbor?  I may transform into a female preying mantis who rips his head off and has it for lunch!

So, summer – my least favorite season – is off to a rolling start and it will be summer hell with very little water, and then, likely a pronounced period of NO water.  My eye feels a bit Sauron-ish just now.  Just saying.



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