Fingers Crossed

07/10/2017 by syrbal-labrys

The water has been off all morning, likely will be a few more hours. The new well guys pulled the two year old pump — found it beat-to-hell due to lack of a torque arrestor. Every pipe was clogged with debris.

They say the pump was set at such a low pump rate that it contributed to build up of crap in the pipes.  So, a new pump into what they say is an 80 feet deep column of water where our pump is located.  So lack of water should NOT be the issue.  Gods above or below, I hope they are right.

A new pump is going in, the pipes will be cleared and reassembled.  Likely the water, when it comes, will be clouded.

I want to heave a sigh of relief, even as we divy up the $2000 or so bill for the morning’s work; but I’ve heard all these pleasant easy explanations  so many times before.

If a higher pump rate pumps the crap out of the pipe, just where does it go then?  Into the holding tank?  Into the pressure tank?  Into the pipes to the four houses?  I’m getting no answers to these queries.

Our old well company, doubtless to the comfort of the guy who never wanted to spend money on fixing the well, DID do a bad job of the last repair. But of course, back then, that contrary neighbor didn’t want to call anyone else, either.  Only the water stopping entirely ever made him agree to ANYthing.

So now we wait, check-books hard-hit, for the water to flow at a reasonable rate.  And if, in a week, a month, a quarter, it all begins again?

Well, I may have to make my morning coffee with vodka….



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