If I Seem Faltering…

07/07/2017 by syrbal-labrys

…it is because I feel a bit up to my ass in alligators presently.  Tomorrow is the Tacoma Pride event, we have planned to go; but suddenly I am not so sure.  My back burners AND front burners of brain are all rather overfilled right now.

  1.  Eldest son STILL waiting for CT scan and neurological consult for a broken vertebra – broken in late MARCH and still unaddressed.  He is obviously in pain, and we worry about occasional numbness.  The VA does not worry about any-fucking-thing apparently.  So we stay close to home except for supply runs and our own medical visits.
  2. I confess, I worry within seconds of waking each morning, about whether we are at war with someone new — North Korea, for instance.
  3. Our well, the only source of household water, is dying.  Or so we think — doing three loads of laundry last night, it quit THREE times.  Each time we were without water for three hours while the holding tank ever so slowly refilled at the sad rate of less than one gallon per minute.  This is the communal well for four households — two to the other three being the ones lied to and led astray by Mr. “Mano a Mano” telling them we were “hysterical” and that the well is fine.  “Fine” for me is not defined as the one time pump rate of 30 gallons per minute being reduced to ONE gallon per minute (now less) over the last 30 years.  Two years ago, the county told us to put in a supplementary well to preserve both water and existing well.  My neighbors refused.  Now, filling a coffee pot takes over a minute.  That is if the toilet is not flushed a the same time.  Getting an entirely new well will be incredibly difficult and wildly expensive. An examination of the well happens Monday, that alone will bottom out the communal well bank account, which my neighbors refuse to build into more than paying electric bills now costing almost $120 every other month for JUST pumping water.
  4. Our septic tank will be pumped Tuesday costing me another almost $500.  Apparently, now the county requires a “filing fee” for every time the septic system is pumped.  We were told, some years ago, that the country required septic lids be raised to ground level and tanks pumped every five years.  We’ve worked to be in compliance of this — but now, the county is going to take an active role in records?  We presume this is so they can come out and fine you for NOT pumping your tank.  None of my neighbors have EVER had their tanks pumped in the time I’ve lived here.  A properly functional tank should not need to be pumped.  But of course, an abused system can fail — one earlier neighbor had that happen.  Oddly, no new system was installed and a big $500,000 house sits now on that lot.  But the county will doubtless fine ME if I fail, after next Tuesday, to pump my tanks (both of them, btw, being the new requirement, although the divided second tank is NEVER anything by straight water).  So, you can see why local septic tank pumpers went out of business in the last seven years.  As people realize the county is going to get a cut and keep track, they simply chose to stay OFF that “radar.”  
  5. Modern life is great, is it not?  Everything, literally everything, in the last few weeks, has taken multiple phone calls and running about to accomplish the least thing.


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