Companion Weeding?

07/01/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Fridays and Tuesdays are yard work days here. We weed, cut back finished plants and it is nothing like ’50’s film ladies in big hats nurturing petunias. It is more reminiscent of hacking through jungles — when we finish the yard waste bin overflows and the pick-up bed is full. But this Friday was the Labyrinth maintenance day.  Our ongoing effort to impose order on the experiment that is a backyard war memorial continues.  There is no order, of course.  A ring of this flower experiment or that never is completely round — the shade of the firs on the east side sees to that.  And I’ve never found the brutal heart to eliminate any beloved flower that survives the thin soil out there.

But we keep the weeds away and cut back finished bits so things don’t get completely wild.  We worked extra slowly yesterday because at the mid-point we had a companion who seemed mellow, but we feared to really startle him.  We were joined, you see, by a beautiful  wild young male peacock.

 He mirrored our position on the Walk, staying opposite of us.  He nibbled succulent wild violet seed pods, wet from pre-weeding watering.  He gave fallen cherries ‘neath the tree a tasting.  He settled down for a nap on the cool stones as we had a water break on the porch of the Hexen Haus.  We worked so slowly, we never made it to the very center of the Labyrinth; oh well, there is always next Friday, isn’t there?



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