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06/29/2017 by syrbal-labrys

We ended last night with no water from tap again. Our recalcitrant neighbor who insists the well has not been drying up slowly since 2001, blaming the pump, water use by neighbors, etc. turned the pumps OFF at 2230 last night. This made me grumpy and surprisingly violent minded to be forced to live a third world water-free lifestyle ever more frequently because a third world immigrant doesn’t want to correct the actual problem. He apparently finds long hours of no tap water, no toilet flushing perfectly acceptable/normal?

So, forgive me if I feel like huddling in my shady living room dreaming of tequila-ing myself unconscious.

In other news?  Other bits of American life resemble failed states, third world hell-holes, banana republics.  Yes, drug me, please….

An allegedly “trained” law officer loses his shit and chokes a kid for crossing his grass?  But no, we don’t have racial issues in cop shops, not at all.

Not at all, so much so it is hard to believe (choke, choke, cough on sarcasm overdose) that the law enforcement at Standing Rock was “heavy handed.

But if you want to tell me that it is just a “rough patch” and talk about “no harm, no foul” with me?  You need to look at these pictures first – at men and women paying the cost of America trying to be the boss of the world when we can’t manage our own shit.   Making war instead of governing responsibly and in a bipartisan fashion HAS costs!

And Herr Twitter would like to give some State Department jobs to the thugs at Homeland Security now?  Gee, what could go wrong?

And this?  Oh, fuck me to tears….

I’d like to take refuge in my library — but it brings memories of dystopias on paper that seem to be enacted in law these days.  Remember “The Lottery” which scared me more than Shirley Jackson’s “Hell House” tale?

Or, since the coffee table book of the year may be by Hannah Arendt on the rise of totalitarianism?  Perhaps you’d like a quicker, previously unpublished read about her view of how “freedom” got to you as you now define it?  Because it isn’t really easy-come, but it could be easy-go.  (Pssst — uber-short version is that poverty does not EVER equal freedom even after revolution.)




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