Tuesday Tirade – With Special Washington State Cluster Fuck Edition (Much profanity ensues.)

06/27/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Oh my, oh my….the stupid is burning like a super nova this week. I scarcely know where to begin.

Let’s get the snarky minor thing first: apparently some Democrats are unclear on where to aim their mental guns.  That is, the type who piss and moan about Pelosi when an election is lost in Georgia in a red zone, right?  Those are idiots enough; but it is worse – people on the left are griping about Obama taking vacations and getting speaking fees.  If I’d worked at NOT throttling GOP asshats for eight years, I’d want some fucking vacation time, too.  And EVERY President has made money on speaking fees.  So hey, you dimwitted asswipes, fuck off until you figure out the enemy is the OTHER party.

Now, on to my beloved home state — which would get Olympic gold if there was an event for “fucking up a goat fuck” — because idiocy rules here.  Just a few examples of how badly?

*Washington heavily taxed cigarettes in order to “discourage smoking.”  Well, it worked, a lot of Washingtonians quit smoking — the revenue source dried up.  Sin taxing worked, yippee!?  Not so much, they are now taxing vaping, similarly ruinously.

*They legalized marijuana and taxed the recreational shops SO heavily that damn near everyone went and got a medical card.  So then they basically closed all the medical shops, but still, the taxes from the recreational shops only brought in a paltry $185,000 last year.  People went back to the STREETS risking jail over the ruinous taxes.  So yeah, Washington is fucking a goat fuck that has made Colorado coffers overflow.

*They tax gasoline at a rate of about sixty five cents per gallon here.  This is to encourage car pooling, less driving, and fuel efficient cars, they say.  Those high taxes worked, yippee!?  Not so much, the state started using gas taxes for EVERYthing, not just roads and infrastructure to DO WITH DRIVING as it was supposedly intended.  Having made it a cash cow, EVERYone put their hands into that purse!  So it isn’t enough to fix roads, bridges, etc.  So the new test bed of fuckery?  A toll/tax plan based on miles driven. This means here in Western Washington where a commute of two or three hours is entirely too common because people working towards Seattle cannot afford to live there, routinely buy on the outskirts.  So it would have cost my husband about $20 dollars a DAY to drive on Washington roads from here to his job at Boeing.  In addition to the gas, car payment, insurance and aggravation!  A housemate driving to Centralia from Graham to school figured out just THAT, would cost him $11,000 a year to drive, maintain, gas fill, and pay that toll if he was still attending there if/when this new plan becomes mandatory/legal.  He has no job, he is a veteran living on a stipend at present — that means he would have less than $300 a month for ALL other expenses.

This toll-tax on miles driven IS in test-bed mode presently, with about 2000 Washingtonians enrolled for data collection — but paying nothing.  Two thousand out of about SIX MILLION: Oregon State is likewise testing these profitable waters with 500 testers out of FOUR MILLION populace.  Guess what, they are sketchy on the amount per mile — in rush hour “guessed” at FIFTY CENTS PER MILE — but they estimate the tax revenues would go up for the state at 250%.

It is NOT visualized ultimately as only a freeway toll — ALL major thoroughfares would be collected from eventually.  To “mitigate” expense, drivers are told they can “choose when to drive.”  Say, what you dumb motherfuckers?  Because my BOSSES told ME when the fuck to drive to arrive at the working day’s start.  Also, since they plan to tie to toll amount to busy times?  If everyone shifts drive to work hours?  The toll will go up ANYWAY.  They plan to sell this shit by saying the gas taxes will be eliminated or that you can pick WHICH one to pay.  But the fact is, this RUINOUS tax would beggar drivers of every economic level.

Elders on fixed income (which we have become while still semi-supporting two disabled vet sons and one student veteran) would be SCREWED.  Minimum wage folks would be screwed.  Most of my county has no public transport, so the choice to “not drive” is virtually non-existent here AND in the largely spread out agricultural eastern half of the state.  Again, the state eye is not on the ball, but on a fast payout from a massive tax system; and this one — like tobacco and gas before it?  Will force Washingtonians off roads, out of jobs, and into financial hardship.  Oh, and one more thing?  Follow the money, they say — who benefits?  My guess, some corporate asshat who will be installing things all over every paved surface to collect data to tell you what you owe.  You don’t pay?  You get your registration yanked?  I cannot imagine this fucking storm of fuckery — but I know I can’t afford it.  CAN YOU?  Because if this shit flies (even briefly) HERE, you can bet other states will jump on it like stink on shit.

The linked article above has little information, I admit — my Jester-son, T-Rex, has been researching all morning and is furious on a Tom Paine polemic level if not a “go on, build a guillotine” level.



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