Summer Solstice – Ranting Good, Bad, and Ugly

06/21/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I hate summer. I hate heat. And my very threatened well scares me worse in summer. Already, we’ve had about six days of no water for 3 to 4 hours while the holding tank laboriously refills. The electric bill for the well is now equal to what it was for the entire house. Yet, my neighbors all go on living in denial to the problem rather than solve the problem. I think I may have to take them to court to force a solution. So, yeah, the day of summer solstice is a bit of a rant-o-rama trigger in and of itself.

But I am trying to find some positives.  For instance, this hero.  Definitely the “good”….although also terrifically sad.

Also “good”?  I could wear white today just in solidarity, though it won’t change a thing since I am here and not there.

More “good”?  Nietzsche was neither a nazi nor a relativist.  So bite me!  (But I do bite back.)

Then there is the “bad”…. but also what to do about it.

The new “Dear Abby” as Wonkette puts it, did shit the bed and that is bad.

I admit, I could list a dozen more “bad” things. (Like the fact that piss-pants-scared cops get away with murder for “fearing for their lives” from the smell of weed.) But I simply must stay sober when I plan to light things on fire later.

The “ugly”?  Well, I’m pretty sure someone will say that is ME for posting this.  But yes, the ugly is Congress (GOP dominated) ignoring the hell that is what remains of life in the wake of gun violence just “because” it hasn’t happened to them.

More “ugly”?  As if we haven’t had enough war, some people, whose names should likely be Voldemort, are beating the drums for war with Korea.  Now THAT would be ugly.  And keep pulling Putin’s chain, ya’ll — that toilet WILL flush.

Inchoate rage?  Isn’t that a summer thing?  I may actually formulate an idea for ritual and magic to burn off my inner “propane-incandescence”, right?



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