Fathers’ Day – The Way I Roll?

06/18/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Yes, it is Fathers’ Day. My father is dead, I am relieved. That tells you how it is/was, right?

The father of MY children, on the other hand? He already has his presents; he will get a nice dinner and maybe, just maybe, cinnamon rolls.

But first? I told him to shave the white stubble off his chin before I went Comanche-ancestress on his ass and plucked them all out one by one! Yes, I am just THAT bitch.



The name of this blog, and my Dreamwidth blog, Herlander Refugee, is taken from a 1915 feminist novel "Herland". It makes my heart sing that modern women are experimenting with creation of a new "Herland"! Yes, comments are closed. Anyone who just MUST reach me can do so at syrbal6 at gmail dot com.

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