Superstition….Or Just the Way Things Work Around Here?

06/16/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Even a day of gardening can’t be normal around here. Something grief-filled this way comes….

Steel Kachinas

We spent over four hours today working to reclaim gardens much neglected in the last five years of PTSD-mediated life here. Somewhere in the last hour, I realized a delicate silver bracelet of flat silver rose design was not on my wrist, I wear this bracelet and my marriage bracelet always. We searched over the area with a metal detector without result.

A queasy feeling came over me, I felt nervous and agitated. This bracelet, to me, is the silver link to my very strongly scented rose hedge — the one we call “Hekate’s Hedge.” I call Hekate, that Hellene-Titan enigma when I walk the Labyrinth. I think of her qualities as those most needed to work with the idea of death and loss, as well as life and moving forward after disaster.  So to lose it felt very disturbing to me.

Finally, we went inside as rain threatened, bathed…

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