Oh, NOW “The Mindless Violence Must Stop”?

06/14/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Now, that a GOP Congressman has suffered gun violence? Now?

Not after Columbine.

Not after a movie theater.

Not after San Bernadino.

Not after Sandy Hook.

Not after Pulse.

Not after scores of women are killed by vengeful men.

Not after/even though about 93 people a day DIE by gun violence in America.

Not after Democrat Gabby Giffords and others were shot.

Not after Trump suggested “2nd Amendment people” might “take care of” Hillary Clinton.

Not after he boasted that HE could shoot someone and still be elected.

But NOW?

So, this is GOP empathy?  It HAS to happen to one of their own before they take note?

Not to mention that NOW we know what has to happen for a news headline to call a WHITE man a “terrorist” — he has to shoot a Republican!  Oh, and the GOP bastards think Democrats need to “tone down your rhetoric“?

Please, oh just please….why do only Republican legislators deserve to be safe from gun violence in America?  Why were all those other things just “unfortunate” “lone wolf” shootings?  Why is GOP rhetoric alright?  Don’t ALL Americans deserve freedom from this “mindless (gun) violence”?  You hypocrites!




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