Tuesday Tirade

06/13/2017 by syrbal-labrys

People who can fuck the fuck off?  These fucking guys.  Because NO, what a woman does with her body is NOT a “man’s issue” you controlling, dominionist fuck-tards.

And as for live real time asshattery?  Watching Sessions and the Senate.  GOP Senators rushing to kiss his ass and laud his loveliness and Dems being practically told to “Shush yor’selves”??  I spent the weekend in a misery of pain — passing a kidney stone.  And THAT, ladies and gents, was MORE pleasant than watching this shit-show!

** Senators Heinrich and King my favorite headache relief….just saying.  And we kept time on the five minute limits?  Funny the GOP Senators NEVER got told their time was up; but they shut Kamala Harris down with a swiftness.



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