Monday Matinee – I Must Still Be Tired (Spoilers – you’ve been warned!)

06/05/2017 by syrbal-labrys

We go to an actual movie theater once or twice a year.  Today was that day and I was light-hearted and enthusiastic to see “Wonder Woman” on the big screen.  I’d been feeling a bit more like my old self lately — Friday I attended a fund-raiser for Everytown Gunsense. Saturday I went on a march for the same cause, and in the march and other walking, went about seven miles.  So I began to feel that perhaps I was coming out of the slump in the wake of a PTSD event recently.  Apparently?  Nope.

The movie was everything a DC comic could ever promise and deliver; but it isn’t Sunday and I didn’t want to go to church.  Do I mean they were “preachy”?  No, they were not – but I walked out with the same saddened, dejected feeling that I had walking out of the movie “Agora.”  I felt crushed and in despair.

I’m trying not to spoil anything huge, but the basic bit is Diana decides she must go out in the wide world to kill the god of war in order to end war.  But what she learns is that humans no longer need the inspiration of any god to make war.  Or love.  Or anything.  We ARE, of course, self-determining creatures.  And nothing any god, goddess, or Demi-god/goddess does will change our own inherent light vs. darkness from being enacted in living/dying time.

Had I been Diana, I thought, I’d have killed Ares and gone back to my island leaving humans to their own choices, good or ill.  Well, I then thought, some goddess I’d make, eh?  And it hit me in the gut – if there ever were gods or goddesses, perhaps that is where they went; they looked at us and what we’ve become and just walked away?  We have not grown up yet even in their absence?

Or is it only human hearts that break to watch?  I am clearly not yet recovered enough to return to any field of battle.



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