Fucked Friday – Be Afraid Before It Is Too Late, Act While You Can

05/12/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Every week brings more shit to the storm, no? Back when the whole Patriot Act bullshit began and all the happy ole’ white guys went on and on about how those sorts of laws would never be used on “real Americans”?  I knew then that those guys were full of shit.

Unless you are still of the generation that thinks anti-war protestors of the Viet Nam Era were “just a bunch of dirty hippies”?  You need to be paying attention.  What would YOU protest?

DAPL to protect your water?  Think if you are white you won’t be gassed, or shot, or sent to prison?  Think again.  And if it works there?  Soon protestors trying to protect health care, voting rights, economic rights, net neutrality will see the same tactics.  Claudia Rankine is correct; we need to be afraid, very afraid.

Do you not, even if you are Republican, have to wonder when your guy fires the guy at the FBI that he lauded to the skies during the election?  Don’t you wonder with whom he is in bed if he fears an investigation THAT much?  Who is fired next, beyond the three people already asking too many questions about his Russian connections?  I personally remember speeches where Trump boasted of his Russian business connections; are we all meant to be gaslighted into amnesia?

The Americans who think the Orange Popsicle is “all that” applaud his “religious freedom” executive order.  Because by Gawd, that will get “them women” back in line, won’t it?  When a government official tells a woman to “be nice” you should worry.  I read Claudia Rankine’s book “Citizen” this week.  It IS about the experience of being black in America – but as a woman, I found myself able to identify with at least 75% of the experiences she outlines in this tour de force.  Make no mistake, once the “brown” peoples are clubbed, gassed, shot, and terrorized into silence — women of ANY color are next on the list of “shut-the-fuck-ups.”  So stop feeling safe!

And yes, for pity’s sake, STOP BEING NICE.  My generation of women were taught to be nice even to rapists — so he wouldn’t “kill you, too.”  Never fight back, we were told, it will be  fine, we were told.  Of course, it was anyFUCKINGthing except fine.  The same is true now, only on steroids and crack.  It is ALREADY not fine.  Save America, raise some hell before it is too late.  Don’t think voting alone is enough – because the Popsicle is pulling that rug from beneath our feet as I type.

I admit, my world feels terrifying these days.  The microcosm of personal life with difficulties enmeshed in the macrocosm of public American life feels like a poor veteran who looked like a walking skeleton from a never-ending battle to recover from malaria that he had along with hepatitis!

Put up your dukes, America, before they put them in manacles.



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