Monday Maenad

05/08/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Yes, let’s all take a moment to think about those fuckers in Congress, shall we?  How few of them are women, for instance.  How few of them can really consider the wide array of horrid things that can happen TO women – especially pregnant women, just for starters.

Consider, did they ever think of women giving birth being sufficiently horrid to induce PTSD?

Consider that even Americans who get bitched at FOR having health care – military members – often STILL need Crowdfunding to handle the massive expenses of major traumas?  So how do ordinary folk with NO health care plan manage?  Those fuckers in Congress don’t care – and more and more of America will be forced into online begging to cope with the costs of staying alive.  Many of them, too many of them will be women.

Our Representative?  Dick Fucking Reichert?  He voted in the last vote as against Trump Care.  This is not because constituents like me threatened to campaign against him, vote against him.  It is because it is his HABIT — in controversial votes he is with the GOP mainline ALL the way until there are plenty of votes; then he votes as his screaming constituents demand.  It is a sop to save his own ass in the next election.

Get mad.  Act maenad.  Vote the fuckers out.  Let’s REALLY drain that fucking swamp.



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