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05/02/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Rethuglican Presidents: can’t live with them, can’t export them to Mars.  As HecateDemeter just reminded us, it is the season of Beltane and she wants us witchcraft practicing sorts to do it “like we mean it.”  Well, as a matter of course, I do EVERYthing I do like I mean it.  But Beltane has been problematical for me for several years now.  In addition, this year, my energy is sapped by my own current mini-meltdown as an old, but sufficient, PTSD trigger got stomped hard in mid-April.

But I don’t “do” Beltane on May 1st.  Being a pinko-Socialist/Democrat sort, I prefer to dedicate the first of May to labor issues and social protest.  Also, on May 1, 2003, Rethuglican George Bush the Dumber/Younger declared “Mission Accomplished.”  Lest we forget?  It was NOT fucking “accomplished.”  So I definitely didn’t feel like celebrating ANYthing on that particular May 1st.  I DID write letters protesting this cavalier attitude about a war plainly not won.

But also, I celebrate Beltane whenever my apple tree springs into blossom.  That usually is not on May 1st.  Last year it was mid-April.  This year it hasn’t opened yet.  That IS all that is saving me from a worse-than-usual Beltane funk this year.  Because this Beltane season’s current Rethuglican popsicle has declared that May 1st shall be known as “Loyalty Day.”  How fucking tinhorn dictator is THAT shit?!  This from a man who bombed another head of state for killing children WHILE his own actions starve children to death.

He also said the Constitution is “archaic.”  Gee, that must mean it has some rules he doesn’t want to follow.  Like certain comments in the Bush years about it being “just a goddamned piece of paper”?  Are we seeing a trend in the GOP leadership, of wanting to wipe their money-grubbing asses with the Constitution, or what?

It makes me recall the Bush hyperbole about “those who are with us or against us” in a slightly different way.  I am utterly and absolutely against President Agent Orange who would happily defoliate the tree of liberty while calling it loyalty.

My apple tree is loyal to the seasons turning.  I will observe Beltane with the pink tinged blossoms bursting.  Betwixt now and then?  I will sign checks and petitions.  I will make phone calls.  I will stand Indivisible.  And loyal to my country and Constitution — not to a moron who tweets.



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