100 Days, 100 Ways…

04/29/2017 by syrbal-labrys

No, I promise I will NOT post 100 links about how/why to resist President Agent Orange even though it would likely be easy enough.  It’s hard enough to blog at all right now and I have to keep certain repetitive images of a private hell from replaying in my mind’s eye.

You women who voted for the Donald?  Want to know what he has really done for (to?) your sister-women?  If you didn’t vote for him, please do share these little treasures with any female you know who DID vote for him.

Lest you think VP Pence might be better?  Think again, that bozo is right up there with misogynistic paternalistic asshats who you all scream at for Sharia Law and such.

Mostly?  Be very afraid; because in 100 days, T-45 has found 100 ways to screw humanity and the world at large.

How WILL we last 1,361 more days of this?  My own method?

I fight the growing depression.

I take a lot of personal mental health days.

I sometimes assign names to the weeds I pull in my gardens; I know, how childish and petty.  But still, very satisfying.

I sign each petition only ONCE at ONE source — otherwise a sense of clusterfuck futility begins to get a grip on me.

I don’t stop fighting, but I pick my battles.

I focus on making sure the younger crowd doesn’t give in or up.  I sustain THEM because they will be the ones going forward.  They will be the ones living with and continuing to fight against the RESULTS of this misAdministration.  In this house — that means four people under age 40 who are battling health issues, disability issues, ptsd, job issues.  We can keep them roofed over and fed.  We subsidize some bills for them.  They will be the arrows from MY bow…

Every day, I ask myself, no matter what else I can or cannot do, “What can I do to wrench-toss THAT bastard’s efforts?”  Sometimes, it’s a phone call, a petition signing, a meeting attended, a phone tree; sometimes it’s a march.  Sometimes it is an attempt at magic to “shape the invisible.”  Sometimes it is writing a check.

And every now and then?  It is looking at the news and saying “Well, fuck.” and going back to bed.  Because self-care matters deeply.  Sometimes I have to rest up a day or so in order to keep fighting.  I absolutely recommend taking at least one day per week to AVOID the news, to do utterly personal, absolutely satisfying things to build up your ability to resist the other six days per week!




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