Another Bang- Bang and Kiss of Bullshit

04/11/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Another man who decided if his property (i.e. wife) was not performing to his desires, it deserved death by gunshot. So he walked into the grade school where she worked and shot her to death.  Alas, two students behind her, likely sheltering there, “protected” by their teacher were hit as well.  One died.

And now?  Advice on “helping children cope.”  I find much of what that advice says to be pure bullshit.  Parents are told to “reassure your children that their schools are safe.”  Hey, this is not lying about Easter bunnies or Santa Claus, folks.  The schools are clearly NOT SAFE.

Any day, anywhere in America, a man with a gun can walk into a school and kill people.  That has been shown time and time again.  And if after the Sandy Hook massacre, nothing was done to stop this possibility, clearly schools and school children are NOT safe.  Stop lying to your children, no matter what their age, ok?

Tell your children WHY their schools are not safe.  Tell them that there are certain political people in America who KEEP voting to let damned near anyone get a gun and take it wherever they want to go.  That those people, guided by the money-grubbing nuts of the NRA, think the rights of men to carry an explosive faux-penis with them is more important than their right to a LIFE.

Ok, maybe not the faux-penis part till they hit puberty, ok?  But stop gilding the damned stinking shit-lily.  Let them know that the Republican Party likes people stupid, poor, hungry, and even dead rather than informed and voting for rational gun laws.

Airports don’t let women like me carry a 2″ pocket knife or nail file, or nail clippers on an airplane since 9-11.  They created a whole new agency of Totally Stupifying-stupid Assholes to make me remove shoes and earrings before getting a boarding pass.  But NOBODY in government can manage to protect children from (a) being shot, (b) being given PTSD and nightmares because men must be allowed to carry war-grade weaponry every-bloody-where?

Don’t lie to your children.  After Columbine?  I told my children NOT to be “locked down” helplessly in a classroom.  I told them I didn’t care what their teacher told them, I told them they had my permission to throw a chair through a window and LEAVE the building and run to better shelter where there were NOT gunshots happening.

People ask Jews, “How did your people just walk into the gas chambers?”  Well, it may have begun somewhat like teaching children to be compliant little sheeple who will wait behind a frail door, trembling under their desks, while someone stalks the hallways with death in mind.  All this “good order evacuation” AFTER the fact shit does not wash with me.

Help your children by teaching them how to escape.  And by voting for someone who cares as much about women and children shot by white American men as they allegedly care about Americans killed by brown “terrorists”.  If, by chance, you think your state has sufficient laws on carrying guns to protect you?  Think again.  Both the Senate and the House have bills up for “concealed carry reciprocity”.  This means ALL FIFTY states would be forced to comply with the WEAKEST gun laws in the country.  Call your senators and representatives and tell them to vote NO on concealed carry reciprocity.



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