Monday Good News and Taskings?

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03/27/2017 by syrbal-labrys

What a week it has been. The Minotaur melted down in a minor PTSD reaction and nobody died of it. But I AM giving myself a compensatory “night out” in the new IKEA store to reaffirm my own needs are important, too.  And so it goes.

But this is the BEST list ever — the movers and shakers who are not arguing, not talking about change, simply getting busy doing change!

We went to the Gunsense/Moms Demand Action meeting of the month.  The big push ahead is about some federal bills coming up — the NRA must be creaming in their collective jeans over the thing in need of stomping.  It is a bill whereby a concealed carry permit in one state must be recognized in all FIFTY?y states!.  See, standards for granting a permit to carry a concealed weapon vary.  Some states don’t even require licensing such guns.  So, say you are a guy who can’t get a permit to own, much less carry concealed in state A?  You can, if this thing becomes law, get online and get a permit someplace looser in regulation — call it state X.  And then in home state A, your ass is covered legally.  CALL your Senators and Legislators.  It is House Bill 38 and Senate Bill 498.  Tell your Congress Critters you do NOT want Concealed carry reciprocity to deny YOUR state the right to keep you safe by ruling AS YOU VOTED IN YOUR HOME STATE!

Meanwhile?  Steel Kachinas is again a public blog.  Putting it under wraps did not result in more comments/conversation; I was clearly delusional in thinking privacy was needed.  And working on the speculative magic side as hard as I have the last month has given me ideas about different approaches in the mundane world.  Tons of articles have been trying to guilt trip me into feeling sorry for Trump voters.  Not working.

However, those same voters will suffer the most under his stated paradigm actions.. I don’t think that suffering will teach them much, because they will continue to believe the liar-in-chief blaming Democrats.  Why, I don’t know; because they have control of the House, the Senate, the White House — and possibly soon, the Supreme Court as well.  So if they can’t have their alleged ‘make America great’ again way, it is because of their own stupidity, veniality, greed, and infighting.

So I do, in that light, feel a bit of pity.  Pity is not a positive emotion.  Because already frightened-into-stupid-hurtful-things people being more frightened is a frightening thing.  I’m thinking about whether I want to write more (unread) blog posts about the things presumed Trump voters fear; some of them are things I fear as well.  It is the differing reaction I want to explore.

Anyhow, off into the big wide world of my day “off” — nobody burn the planet down while I examine duvet covers, ok?




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