Resist, Refuse, Re-fuel!

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03/17/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Still kicking.

I’m busy, over-committed, and stressed. My time feels never like my own.  But there is a war for America to be fought.  One that does not involve the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard.  Well, other than trying to keep THEM alive and not cast into unnecessary wars, that is!  Fight for America.  Don’t quit resisting.

Do more than “support” Planned Parenthood.  They will be more necessary than ever if the Republican health plan guts care for women and elderly.  STAND with Planned Parenthood, become a Defender! Consider:

  • These Medicaid reimbursements cover basic health care – things like cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, and birth control.
  • Blocking people from access to this care could result in increased rates of STDs, cancer deaths and unintended pregnancies.
  • People of color, people who earn low incomes and rural folks will be most affected, as these folks already face barriers to health care and may have no other options

These are things that need your defense (from Planned Parenthood link above) – take whatever actions YOU can to help your fellow citizens survive.  Make no mistake – survival IS at risk for millions of Americans.

Also, REFUSE to be gaslighted into alleged “normal” with the things happening to your country.  I was gaslighted as a child, like the author of the linked article.  I did remain defiant and it saved me.  Ask yourself, when you feel hopeless and wonder if quietly giving up is better — in the history books ahead?  Where do YOU want to be; do you want to be remembered as fighting the terrible, ruthless sacrifice of not only American freedoms, but of American lives?  Or do you want to be recalled as someone who collaborated because you were gaslighted into going along to get along?

Re-fuel yourself with beauty.  Get out into nature.  Read a good story.  Drink a good cup of coffee or tea.  Or wine or Scotch.  Do what you must to feed yourself.  Watch an old movie — like Night of the Iguana.  Repeat something you loved in youth – whatever revved your engine then, could rev it now.  Smile at someone serving you a meal, or fixing an appliance, or emptying your trash.

Pick a team.  Don’t wait to BE picked — create a team.  You don’t want it all to fail because of you, right?  (Yes, I absolutely stole that line from a movie!)



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