Dear Family H.

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03/17/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Words are really so disappointing,

They lack the true spark at such times,

A tiny girl has died and we are all deprived,

She barely knew what life was,

When her’s was stolen by a sorry excuse,

For someone claiming title as “father”,

She was half-orphaned by her mama’s death,

She leaves behind a twin brother,

She leaves grand-parents, uncles, aunts….

What a horrible world it is when all I can say is:

“She is beyond any further harm and pain.”

The candle flame is not alone,

Oh, the fires inside me rage to consume,

To destroy, to ash, to eliminate,

The cause of her suffering, her death, our loss!

I am in such fury my tears burn off unshed,

I want to wrap my arms round those left,

I want to bleed off their pain somehow,

I want to make right what I never can,

I’d die this minute to bring her back….

But there is nothing I can bring,

Fire to hearts already burnt in grief,

Ice to hearts frozen in horror,

Silent screams to a cacophony,

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,

Tears to a river that won’t be dammed,

Damnation to a man already damned.





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